Welcome to 43rd Annual Invitational!
December 27 - 31, 2023
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Team Officials Suspensions

Where a Coach, Manager or Trainer is assessed a Game misconduct, he shall receive, in addition to the game in which he receives the Game misconduct, an additional suspension, which shall be a MINIMUM of the next tournament, league or playoff game.

All Coaches or team officials suspended for any reason will normally NOT be allowed in the building from one hour before game time until one hour after the games conclusion, while under suspension.

Where buildings are designed in such a way as to give independent public access to the spectator area, discretion may be exercised in applying this policy. Thus, on approval of the Tournament Committee Chairman or his designate, a coach/team official under suspension may be allowed in the public spectator area, providing the person in question has affirmed that appropriate decorum will be exercised. (ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT WITH TEAM)